PDI E-Clinic Services

We popularly refer to it as “hospital” on the go, in the comfort of your home or the comfort of your office. It is medical consultation wherever and whenever you like. It is a twenty-four-seven interactive telephone consultation platform through which essential medical services are dispensed by our trained telephone consultation doctors to members of the community. We don’t only use it as a means for members of the community to reach us. At other times. we initiate the phone call. In other words, even when the people could not come to us, the pdi clinic enables us to take the hospital to them. It is a service that can be rolled out nationwide, staffed with experienced and trained nurses and doctors through national telephone hotlines. 

The PDIClinic functions as a 24/7 interactive telephone consultation platform where individuals can receive essential medical services from trained telephone consultation doctors. Users have the flexibility to seek medical consultations from the comfort of their homes or offices, making it a convenient and accessible option for healthcare. Additionally, the platform allows healthcare providers to initiate phone calls, bringing medical services directly to individuals who may not be able to visit a physical clinic. This innovative approach enables the provision of medical care beyond traditional clinic settings, effectively bringing the hospital to the patients.


  • It serves as a vehicle with which we are able to sensitize members of the community one at a time, on how personal healthcare works.
  • It also serves as a more relaxed and easier way of effectively initiating one on one consultation. Thereafter, it becomes very easy to escalate to face to face appointment, referral for lab investigations, pharmacy prescription, etc
  • Essentially, it also serves as an effective platform for on-going management and follow-up of patients already under treatment
  • And more importantly, it is our platform for carrying out quarterly over-the-phone 25-point personal health screening on community members. This helps us to detect onset of vital NCDs; we are then able to invite individuals in for further investigations; thereby helping to resolve potential prediabetes, high blood pressure, tuberculosis etc before they develop into hospital crises.

Who can benefit?

  • Individuals seeking convenient medical consultations without the need to visit a physical clinic.
  • Those with limited mobility or transportation options, as the service can be accessed from any location.
  • Healthcare providers looking to expand their reach and provide essential medical services to a wider community.
  • Communities and organizations aiming to implement nationwide healthcare hotlines staffed with experienced and trained nurses and doctors for broader accessibility to medical care.