PDI Walk-in Clinic Services

PDI Walk-in Clinic Services encompass the PDI Health Hub, strategically positioned within local communities, and the PDI Walk-in Clinics, which cater to varying city sizes. These facilities aim to provide accessible healthcare services, linking community members with medical professionals and offering a range of essential medical consultations and clinical services.

  • Positioned within community pharmacies, the PDI Health Hub serves as the initial point of contact for individuals experiencing symptoms of illness. Staffed by a community health worker, the hub encourages community members to visit at any time. Upon arrival, the health worker enters their details into the system and connects them with doctors at the call center for a general consultation over the phone. Subsequently, patients are booked for face-to-face sessions with healthcare professionals.
  • Depending on city size, two or three walk-in clinics equipped with nurses and doctors are established to function as proper doctor surgeries. These clinics facilitate detailed consultations and clinical services, complementing the initial consultations initiated through the health hubs, mobile clinics, and e-clinic sessions


  • PDI Walk-in Health Hubs – the PDI Health Hub is a local health post positioned at the heart of every community. We would mostly adopt an existing pharmacy for this purpose, seeing the people would usually visit there as first point of call whenever symptoms of illness start to set in. It is usually staffed with a community health worker. The community health worker serves almost as a receptionist. Members of the community are encouraged to call in at the health hub at any time of the day. And when they do, the community health worker would enter their details into the system and there after link the patient with our team of doctors at the call center by phone.  The doctor would do a general consultation over the phone and from there the patient is booked for a face-to-face session.
  • PDI Walk-in Clinics – depending on the size of a city, we would usually site two or three walk-in clinics, equipped with nurses and doctors. Our walk-in clinics serves as PDI doctor surgery, proper. While doctor’s consultations are usually initiated through our walk-in health-hubs, mobile clinic and e-clinic sessions, detail consultations and clinical services could not be accomplished. Therefore, we ensure our walk-in clinics are well staffed and equipped to serve as proper doctor surgery. Here are some of the services patients can expect to enjoy at our walk-in clinics

Who can benefit?

  • Community Members: Access to convenient healthcare services within their localities, with the ability to seek initial consultations and subsequent face-to-face sessions with medical professionals.
  • Pharmacies and Healthcare Facilities: Collaboration opportunities to establish PDI Health Hubs within existing pharmacy spaces, offering added healthcare services to their patrons.
  • Healthcare Professionals: Opportunities to provide essential medical consultations and clinical services, reaching individuals at the community level and within walk-in clinic settings.
  • Local Authorities and City Administrations: Potential partnerships to enhance healthcare accessibility and services within urban areas through strategically located walk-in clinics.