HEALTH FOR ALL: The time to act is now!!!

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When health as a fundamental human right is upheld by all countries and all sectors, we lay a strong foundation for building the world we all want and deserve. Evidence shows that health systems powered by a whole-of-society approach, also known as primary health care, is the most effective and cost-effective way to bring services for health and well-being closer to people. This could save millions of lives and even increase average life expectancy..

We urge our leaders to enact policies that guarantee equitable access to essential health services without financial hardship and that ensure good health and well-being is not a privilege for a few but a right for all. By partnering with government and other stakeholders and philanthropies, we can all make universal health coverage a reality by the year 2030.

As we have over the past 5 years, PreDiagnosis International stands with all people, communities and organizations across Africa and the entire world in taking action to Build the world we want: A healthy future for all. At PreDiagnosis International, we are in a race against time to Reach, Rescue and help Manage the lives of millions of Africans who would have otherwise succumbed to their early graves if not for our Intervention. UHC is a right for all!!!